Addressing Dietary Health with the best absorbed supplements & coaching available.

What To Prepare For

We Have A Commonality


You are about to invite to the mic someone who has lived and practiced some the best health, leadership and relationship stories that will inspire transition into the lives of your audience. Your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health will affect you physically, it will affect your relationship, it will also affect you as a leader. 

Let's Get This Ball Rolling


It's time to understand your physical health, it's time to unlock the Leader within our youth and our working staff members, it is also time visit our relationships with those around us.. 

You Do Want Your Audience To Be Infotained


Don't waste anymore time, "you must do today what other planners didn't or won't do, so that you can have tomorrow what other planners don't or won't have," this educational and entertaining speaker. 

A Little About Lorenzo



As a kid I had a dream of marrying young, building and having a successful career, buying a home, having kids and retiring young with Loving wife and seeing my kids off to college. Sounds GOoD. Sometimes the God that we serve has a different plan for us. Sadly, I suffered homelessness in Kansas City and homelessness in Chicago. Having been divorced twice, wrestling with the constant dehumanization of being a man who has faild at persuing his vision, and finding myself as a single Father living with my Son and youngest Daughter. Where did I..., did we go wrong? Why am I still in this Fiery furnace? God, am I ready yet? Is it my Time To Speak?


A Philosophy for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door.  You can't solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. It is time to change your Mindset and to change your Attitude. To be a Leader in your life, in you relationship and in your business, takes attitude.  It is time to develop that attitude. 


Workshops and Keynotes

As a recognized instructor, coach and innovator on preventative, orthopedic and clinical manual therapy and dietary supplementation, I will bring new life, connection and awareness to your next business, High School, college, business or community event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.




Not letting others or the society that you live in determine your self Value or you as a person of Value is the first step to you taking on Leadership in your community, classroom, workplace or household. 



Receive information from the experienced that will transform your way of thinking and dealing with others.   



Become aware of how self education and your development of ethics can be utilized to improve opportunity and ability to stand out in your Own light and not in the light of another.  

Book Your Professional Actor

If you are looking to cast a detective or law enforcement officer in your film production.

Lorenzo in "Agent Jim" short film comedy

Having fun doing what I do best, acting & speaking.

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Rough Cut of a local film produced and filmed in Kansas c

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Interested in booking a acting coach, keynote, guest appearance, a Lunch & Learn, a platform appearance or youth mentor please send a request.

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Lorenzo is prepared to Serve & Educate you.

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